Every piece has a Journey - Nougatini

Every piece has a Journey

Over the past 50 years Nougatini has been synonymous with chocolate making excellence. Our use of the finest ingredients and blends has define our name and facilitated our international expansion. On top of our unique high quality chocolate, at Nougatini we work to introduce a whole new concept of chocolate lifestyle.

Appearance,snap, flavor and touch are the four characteristics that define high quality chocolate. The appearance of the high quality chocolate is smooth and shiny with no air bubbles. When broken, chocolate snaps thus indication that the cocoa butter in the chocolate is well crystallized. The flavor of chocolate is measured by the fruitiness acidity, bitterness and sourness.

Too much sugar can overwhelm the delicate flavor of the chocolate. Finally, once the chocolate reaches just below the body temperature, it should be allowed to melt on the tongues to savor its quality. At Nougatini, our chocolate experts work hard to ensure the superior quality and taste of our chocolates that we crave is brought to our customers.